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Date Ideas

Here are some ideas of things to do on a date.
Some are familiar – the candlelit dinner for two – others are a little more unconventional – why not blow your date away with a hot air balloon ride?
Let us know any great ideas you can recommend as well.

Romantic and informal

Try an intimate local family-owned restaurant - many have live music one or two evenings a week which can really add romance to a date.

Romantic but fun

Again go for dinner in a local restaurant that offers live entertainment but look for something more fun – an Elvis tribute act perhaps?


How about a game of tennis followed by a drink? Or a round of golf followed by lunch in the club house? Or a bike ride out to a country pub for lunch? Just because your date doesn’t play golf or tennis doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have fun being introduced to it by you.


Find a cosy gastro pub with sofas round a table where you can sink back for the evening and nobody expects you to leave after you’ve finished eating – or to eat at all if you don’t fancy it.


Treating your date to a night out at the theatre can make an evening feel really special. Choose your show to suit your date. Find out the times of the performance so that you can plan a pre show supper or an after show drink and have some time to chat too.


A bit of laughter should help to break the ice. Look up one of the many comedy venues around.


“If music be the food of love play on...” And that could be anything from a jazz band in a cafe to a full orchestra in a concert hall. Choose the venue and the event that’s right for you.


There are some fantastic art exhibitions and museums around, why not visit one with a date – it’ll definitely give you something to chat about over a drink later.


Assuming you are sure of your date’s mutual interest in the arts, push that artsy date a little further and try attending a lecture or event organised by an art gallery or museum.

Country – by foot

There is nothing like a good morning’s hike through the countryside to work up an appetite for lunch in a local pub. There are some great guides around which plan walks with pubs mapped in at the middle or end of the walk.

Country – by car or by train

But you could equally take a drive or a train ride through scenic countryside to a carefully chosen lunch venue. Remember though not to drink and drive.

Water based

If you’re lucky enough to be within reach of the sea or an inland water sports centre, adrenalin can be a great alternative to alcohol for loosening inhibitions. There are so many water based activities you could try your hand at, from surfing through to scuba diving.


Try one of the many outdoor ice skating rinks that appear over the Christmas season and follow up your skate with a glass of mulled wine or a carol concert.


How about a picnic? Many parks and stately homes now host fabulous outdoor concerts usually ending in firework or you could just find yourselves a quiet field in the middle of nowhere.

Shopping Challenge

Meet your date in a large department store at the entrance. The challenge is to each purchase a minimum of 4 items for a budget of £20. You must try to purchase items that are as unusual as possible so that your date cannot guess what they are meant for. You meet again in the store bar or cafe after 30 minutes where you display your purchases. The winner is the person who guesses the purpose of most items correctly.

By the Seaside

An old-fashioned seaside town, especially one with a pier, offers plenty of cheesy fun – amusement arcades, tarot readings, the odd helter skelter - and you can follow it up with fish and chips on a harbour bench or a good local fish restaurant.

At the Zoo

The simple things in life are sometimes the best so if the weather’s good and you want to do a bit more together than just lunch or dinner (but aren’t quite up for a hike) why not try your local zoo or animal sanctuary?


Try a day out at the races or a track day and add to the excitement of the date with the excitement of a quick flutter.


Follow up lunch with a river cruise. Some boats even do lunch on board.


Rise above it all with a balloon ride.


How about going to a wine tasting event together?


Or taking that train through the channel tunnel and going for lunch up the Eiffel tower?


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